Oak Frame Cornwall by Stephane Roux Ltd
Oak Frame Cornwall by Stephane Roux Ltd

Building the frames

Framing Timbers

We predominantly build our timber frames out of Oak or Douglas fir because they are the main quality construction timbers readily available in the UK. We always source our timber from PEFC and FSC certified suppliers meaning you can be sure that the forestry methods are responsible and the stocks sustainable. We have also built frames out of Glue-laminated beams.

Carpentry methods

The method used at Oak Frame Cornwall is traditional scribe carpentry.

Full scale elevation and section drawings are inked out on to the workshop floor, timbers carefully placed over these lines and joints acutely scribed using either a plumb bob or a level. A variety of specialist tools are then used to cut the joints, of which there is a large repertoire, principally large oak pegged mortice and tenon joints.