Oak Frame Cornwall by Stephane Roux Ltd
Oak Frame Cornwall by Stephane Roux Ltd

Design and Planning

I can provide planning, building regulation and detailed construction drawings, ensuring a smooth design process from start to finish. However, I’m more than happy to work alongside an architect already engaged. It is advisable to involve my services early on in the design process to avoid costly redesigns.


I use the latest version of ArchiCAD® and FrameWright for design and construction drawing out put. ArchiCAD is an industry-leading architectural BIM software and FrameWright a specially built add on for oak frame design. Consequently with these tools I can fully explore in 3D, design ideas and solutions. As a result of the way ArchiCAD functions, I can work with the full confidence of knowing that every detail is being captured and all documents synchronized. In addition to standard 2D plans elevations and sections I can provide beautiful photorealist pictures, sketch scenes, and VR experience.


I have the skills to produce the drawings however in certain cases I would recommend using a planning consultant to help with the application. Furthermore on some projects I may involve the services of a surveyor to draw up existing buildings and site. For the reason that I can then devote more of my time at what I enjoy most, designing and building the frames.