Oak Frame Cornwall by Stephane Roux Ltd
Oak Frame Cornwall by Stephane Roux Ltd


Hi I’m Stéphane sole owner of Stephane Roux Ltd, maker of large wooden structures and father of three amazing, creative children, born, breed in Cornwall.

When I’m not covered in saw dust or glued to the computer, you will find me with my children out having fun on a beach somewhere. Rock balancing is a favorite. I spend my working life devoted to building structures that will last for generations. Concentrating on arranging rocks in seemingly impossible positions that will only last a very short while is strangely satisfying.

My Roots

My passion for vernacular architecture, and timber framed buildings started at an early age. As a young child I enjoyed trips to the weald and downland museum. I would never get tired of wondering around the site. My favorites were (and still are) the bayleaf farmstead along with the Titchfield market hall.

At the age of 11 my family moved to the south west of France. My parents bought an old Béarnaise farm house and over the years I helped my father renovate it. Traditional Béarnaise farm houses and churches are truly beautiful buildings. If holidaying in Béarn and share my love for timber roof structures, L’Église Saint-Girons de Monein is well worth a visit.

After completing an applied arts baccalaureate in Bordeaux, I joined The Compagnons du Tour de France to train as a carpenter. The Compagnons du Tour de France is a french organization of craftspeople and artisans dating from the middle ages. They are still active today. Their traditional and technical education includes the Tour de France and being apprentice to competent masters. The compagnonnage is an original way to learn a trade while developing character by experiencing community life and traveling. However after a few years of a strict communal life style I returned to England. I carried out my own “Tour” working with and for various oak framing companies and carpenters, before finally settling down in beautiful Cornwall in 2000. Stephane Roux Ltd was then established in 2003.

My craft is my passion and I will always strive towards excellence. Please view the services offered and browse my work to see for yourselves, thank you.